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The Ultimate Guide

Daniel Göransson | 15 October 2017

Daniel Göransson, a webdesigner with vision impairment tells us more on everything we should know about alt-texts.

Alt-texts are very important! Especially for people who for some reason can’t see the image. An alt-text stands for “alternative text” and describes an image as meaningful as possible for the user. It’s important to give the necessary information but as short as possible. Daniel Göransson advises us on all the different steps to take to make it perfect.

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Atomic Design

Bradd Frost | 10 June 2013

In this article, Brad Frost, presents his modular design approach that redefines the way interfaces are designed for a successful user experience.

This method consists in no longer building the pages of a website but rather systems of components (atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, pages). A set of elements to build according to the content and media needed to provide a consistent user experience and visual homogeneity.

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